Pomegranate, Rose & Lime Cooler

Pomegranate, Rose & Lime Cooler

Sweet, tart, fragrant and above all, refreshing. This drink is just the ticket on a scorching hot summer’s day. The light, floral notes of the rosewater syrup taste like a summer garden in bloom, whilst the sourness of the pomegranate and lime leave a fresh, crispness.

This is delicious as it is but you could add sparkling water or a dash of your favourite spirit to turn it into a little aperitif. I also like serving it over crushed ice as it turns ir into a grown up slushy!

Pomegranate, Rose & Lime Cooler

Pomegranate, Rose & Lime Cooler

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Course: DrinksCuisine: Middle EasternDifficulty: Easy


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A refreshing drink, best served on a scorching summers day with a your favourite book in hand.


  • 3 large pomegranates, deseeded. Save a few for garnish

  • 500 ml rosewater

  • 5-7 tbsp cane sugar, depending on how sweet you like it

  • 3 limes, juice of

  • 100 g fresh mint leaves, plus extra to garnish

  • 1.5 tsp ground cardamom

  • crushed ice or cubes, to serve

  • lime wedges, to garnish


  • Dissolve the sugar in a pan over a medium heat with the rosewater. Remove from the heat and stir in the mint leaves and allow to cool completely. When cooled, fish out the mint leaves from the syrup and set aside.
  • Meanwhile, blend the pomegranate arils with lime juice and ground cardamom. Blend until very smooth.
  • Pour the mixture through a juice strainer or coffee filter until the juice is extracted and the pulp left behind. Stir the rosewater syrup through the juice and taste. Add more sugar if you’d like it sweeter
  • Pour over crushed ice and garnish with a few pomegranate arils, wedges of lime and sprigs of mint. Enjoy immediately.

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