Covid-19, Quarantine & Figs

Covid-19, Quarantine & Figs

Figs – the fruit that symbolises wisdom, new life and enlightenment…pretty apt as we sit tight on the eve of lockdown lifting in France.

Here are 20 reflections from 8 weeks of strict quarantine:

1. I am a simple creature. Everything I don’t need has become clear to me. 
2. Pyjamas are the new daywear. 
3. I’ll never be as brave as the doctors, nurses and other frontline workers. 
4. Bog roll is the currency of the future. 
5. Supermarket runs to get chocolate are essential.
6. Snacking is great. Snacking also makes you put on weight. 
7. People haven’t lost the ability to cook and nourish themselves, they just lost the time. 
8. There is a lot of necessary nurturing to be found in the “not doing”.
9. Space allows me to have a creative outlet. Neglecting creativity when you’re a creative person makes you sad. 
10. Staying home isn’t difficult when you have a nice home. Or just have a home, full stop. 
11. Walking is nice. Running isn’t.
12. Nature is wild, resilient and will fight back if we back off even slightly.
13. Watching seeds sprout has been one of the most exciting things to happen in 2 months. 
14. My Kindle is the best thing I own because, “escapism”.
15. Yoga is magic.
16. Animals really do appreciate human company. 
17. I don’t need many more friends. The one’s I have are plenty and perfect. (Unlimited phone data is a great thing)
18. My siblings will always be younger but they’re no longer “little”. They are independent, young adults. I wish there wasn’t a whole channel between us. 
19. Emile’s support, love, patience and talent, seems to grows infinitely. 
20. I am equal parts excited and terrified for the future. 

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