I like words. I like onomatopoeia, I like emotive adjectives, I like funny words (nincompoop, flibbertigibbet, snollygoster – look them up), but more than anything, I like untranslatable words. Words that are lost in translation; feelings and ideas that we can’t put words to, the essence of perhaps an emotional state or belief.

One of my favourite word is betsubara. A Japanese word, that literally means other stomach…your dessert stomach. Now for some etymology: betsubara (別腹), is composed of betsu (separate) and bara (stomach), meaning that your body has a second stomach for sweets things. 

I knew it.

Now I can legitimise my gluttony and justify the need for that bowl of sticky toffee pudding after a belly expanding, slap-up roast dinner. A meal for me isn’t right without the final crescendo of a sweet hit, sometimes all it takes is a sugar in my otherwise, sugarless tea.

Explore recipes to satisfy your betsubara here.

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